Senior Laravel Developer

We are looking to grow our app development team.

Our offices are in St. Louis, MO. The job can be done remotely with some travel. Relocation to St. Louis is an option.

Job overview

This job is for a senior full stack Laravel developer working with a team to manage, expand, and improve our API, application, and administrative tools.

Technical skills and background

Must be proficient with PHP 7.4+, MySQL (5.7), Laravel 7.x, and Vue 2.x+. Candidates must have experience implementing and maintaining large applications. Additionally, experience with the Laravel ecosystem products: Horizon, Forge, Passport, etc. are preferred. Experience with API design and implementation is valued as is a knowledge of software design concepts like SOLID, design patterns, and cyclomatic complexity.

Applications should have familiarity working with scheduled tasks, queues, and asynchronous jobs.

Applicants should be able to diagnose and debug issues, and work with teammates to identify problems. You will be expected to do things like Laravel updates and other maintenance tasks, and research and consider emerging technologies.

Daily tasks include things like building and updating administrative UIs and backend reports, working with other developers to build and implement new features, maintaining servers, and debugging issues. On call support eventually. Other things you may be expected to do will be to prune dead code, perform Laravel version upgrades, implement backend-UIs, and work with other team members to build and customize the application.

You will be expected to manage yourself and your time, to come to the table with ideas, and to pursue technical excellence.

What's in it for you?

We have great health insurance and employee perks, access to employee facilities (when on-site), a demanding yet rewarding environment, and great people that are devoted to seeing people succeed.

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